About Us

About Us

Discover what makes FitzRoy Investment Advisors the right partner for you and your family.

Over 10-years providing unbiased investment advice and institutional-quality-advisory services to our clients.

Our Mission


We strive to provide unbiased investment advice by:

Not being affiliated with any investment manager or custodian
Not having fee-sharing agreements for any prodcuts that we recommend
Having a fee structure that does not create an incentive to recommend products outside of a client's risk profile


We aim to provide institutional-quality-advisory services by:

Having in place a detailed process for manager selection and portfolio construction
Using several of the same analytical tools of the largest players in the wealth management industry
Leveraging more than 6 decades of cumulative experience that our team has in markets, banking and corporate finance


We look to establish close, long-term partnerships with our clients by:

Maintaining an active, face-to-face dialogue focused on understanding their objectives and needs
Recommending bespoke portfolios that are designed to meet an individual client's needs
Specializing in our core competence of investment advisory without looking to add related activities such as asset management or concierge services

Why A Family Office?

Family offices assist high net-worth families and individuals in their investment decision-making process. Using analytical parameters, we help evaluate, build and monitor our client's portfolios.

We help high net-worth families address the following needs:

Risk Management
Employ tools of the investment management industry to evaluate the risks in their portfolios
Apply a consistent approach to portfolio construction and manager selection
Time Management
Manage the overwhelming flow of investment ideas from banks that can distract from long-term goals
Visibility & Transparency
Have a consolidated view of the portfolio in a single monthly report
Cost Control
Confirm that custodians are charging fees that were agreed in advance
Have an independent third party monitor your portfolio on an active basis